Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day 5 progress

Only a few days in and we're already seeing so many changes! I don't think they've been working all 5 days because of the weekend, but we'll just go off the calendar. The cabinets and kitchen/bathroom fixtures are gone, as with most of the flooring and the upstairs popcorn ceiling.


The only problem they found in the kitchen was that the original range hood was blowing the air into the attic instead of through the vent hole in the roof, and all the insulation in the area above the kitchen was black and greasy. Yuck.


After opening up the ceiling, they found that the center beam in the dining room that we thought was load bearing actually can be removed! The horizontal beam across the room is actually supported with the beam next to the stairs and NOT the center one, but our contractor has to bring in an engineer to double check to make sure we can safely remove it. If that center beam can be removed, it's going to open up the room so much more than we thought possible.


The only thing different with the living room is the scraped popcorn ceilings.


Here is where we had the biggest surprise. We had already known there was water damage from the window in the shower, but we had no idea how extensive the water damage was. The wood was completely rotted away and crumbling in some places, and that area needs to be completely reframed and we will need new exterior siding too.

The damage was all from water leaking into the window sill and into the wall, so thankfully none of the flooring was compromised, but it did extend to the master bathroom (you can see the wall was opened up- the master bath is visible on the right) so we will need to replace a few beams over there as well.

The other half of the bathroom had no issues, and neither did the hallway. The cubby hole for Peyton's room is framed and ready to be drywalled in on the hallway side.


The bedrooms are pretty much ready to go for paint/carpet. Peyton's nook was not able to be opened to the ceiling because of the beam running across the top but that's fine.


They cut a new hole in the wall for the walk-in closet door (on the left) and framed in the original door smaller to fit a door (originally there was no door to the sink area, only to the toilet/shower room and the walk-in closet).

It's kind of hard to tell what these pictures below are because of how small the space is, but on the left you're seeing the new framing that will soon be a wall where the old walk-in closet door used to be. On the right you're seeing where the old one-sink vanity used to be, but they have framed in the drywall that will house the showerhead for the new shower/tub combo. You can kind of see some of the beams that have rotted away due to water damage at the bottom of the picture.


They're going to take down that wall at the bottom, which you can tell from the side-by-side picture, will open up the space a lot.


They hadn't done much downstairs yet in terms of opening up the laundry/mudroom but we got rid of the brown wood paneling above the fireplace. One thing that we didn't like about the house is that the electrical panel is in a really awkward place next to the fireplace and window, and it'll be hard to disguise, but there's no way that they could move the panel due to all the wires in the house and the electricity coming into the house from the street. Well, technically, they could move it, but it would cost $$$$$$$, so... no thanks.

Looking forward to seeing some more progress!

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  1. the rotting wall in the bathroom.. that sucks. i love that you guys are tearing down the wall by the stairs. woo progress!