Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week 7.5 Progress

One more day left! They're supposed to wrap up work tomorrow (Monday) so the cleaners can come in Tuesday morning and we can have a final walk-through in the afternoon. We can't push it back any further because the movers are scheduled for Wednesday, so even though there are lots of final details that are still unfinished, we just need it done tomorrow.


It's pretty much finished, just waiting on the tile guy to fix a few tiles and the cabinet guys to make some adjustments. I feel like the pendants are hung too high, but Scott thinks it's fine.

Here is the dining room light.


The carpet and track light have been installed, but fireplace still needs to be painted.


The three bedrooms other than the master bedroom have the same light fixtures. They're actually white, but they pick up the color of the walls in these pictures. The carpet is installed in all the bedrooms.


We love the entry way light! The hardwood has been installed in the entryway, and the stairs have the carpet padding on but not the actual carpet yet.


The downstairs still needs lots of work, but you can see the new light fixtures in the main room and the hallway.

Crossing our fingers everything can be wrapped up tomorrow!

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