Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week 3 Progress

We've gone to check on the progress at the house multiple times over the last two weeks, but since they were working on things such as electrical and plumbing, there weren't that many cosmetic changes. Now that the framing is complete, the new drywall will be going up this week, so we wanted to get some pictures before that happens.


Doesn't look like much has changed since our Day 5 pictures, but they've removed the hanging light from the former eating area and added four recessed lights, and an additional recessed light above the sink/window. The wall that used to be in between the kitchen and dining room is now completely gone.


The walls around the dining room are all gone, so the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all one big open space! We love it.


Once again, it feels so nice for the area to be opened up. They were able to shave off about two feet of the wall next to the stairs... but I forgot to take a picture of that. They've installed a light on the wall that will eventually be a track light with four lights on it.


They were able to reframe the wall to get rid of all the rotten wood/siding, install a smaller window (we didn't want the water leaking in from the window frame again, and had considered just sealing up the wall, but thought that it should still have some natural light, hence the small window).


Nothing much has changed since Day 5, other than an additional recessed light and two cuties running around.


Seeing the kids in Peyton's new nook makes us realize how high it actually is for them, and how dangerous it could be even with the proposed stepping shelves. Peyton was pretty disappointed to find out that the "window" to the hallway will be drywalled up. We might consider putting his bed underneath, but then we don't want him to break his bed by jumping down on it too often.


The master bedroom originally had no overhead lighting so they installed 4 recessed lights. We are planning to paint the room a darker grey so having enough light is essential.

As for the bathroom, they've installed the bathtub and redid a lot of the plumbing, including moving a pipe so we could install our window. Originally this corner behind the door and tub was just going to be some storage shelves, but now that we are adding a window, we are going to put a small countertop there, and we can either use it for my makeup table with a chair, or we could stick a laundry hamper under there.


The wall at the bottom of the stairs is completely gone! It opens up the space so much. The end of the weird ledge will be closed off to make some storage shelves, so it won't be as long and awkward.  We considered widening the stairs since it's hollow beneath the ledge (why, builders?) but that would be pretty costly and a small ledge isn't that big of a deal.


They've framed in the strange stair step wall and scraped the popcorn ceilings downstairs.

They've removed the wall and door for the laundry room, so now the end of the hallway looks a bit wider. In the below picture it shows that they opened up that wall at the end of the hallway to see if they could remove it, but it had a large support beam so it has to stay. The laundry room is on the right.

It looks like everything is ahead of schedule, and our contractor said they will be able to complete the last week of March instead of early April. Exciting!

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