Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 6.5 Progress

Just about a week left to go! Cabinets have all been installed, and counter tops are going in later today (the guys came and got measurements this morning and went back to cut the quartz and will be back this evening to install). Millwork and doors are in place upstairs, but not downstairs yet.


The kitchen looks like SO MUCH WHITE right now, but hopefully the counter top and appliances will tone it down a bit.


The bedroom doors and baseboards have been installed and are waiting to be caulked/painted. Lucy really likes her pink room. Every time we take her to the house, the first place she wants to go is to her room and she walks around admiring the pink walls.


We didn't want to obstruct the new bathroom window when the door is opened, so we opted for a sliding door because there wasn't enough room for a pocket door and it would have looked weird with one sliding barn door and one regular door (for walk-in closet). There wasn't enough wall space for two sliding barn doors, so we are just having one regular door and one door on a sliding track.

We like the look of floating vanities so we floated ours against the wall, but the space is so small in here that you can't really tell. We will probably add some hidden legs in the middle center to even out the weight because the combined weight of the of the vanity, counter top and sinks might be too much and could sag over time.


The vanity is installed, and it's just a regular vanity set on the ground (as opposed to the master bathroom).


Here are our laundry room cabinets! We will also be adding a counter top on top of the washer and dryer, but we will just be using a cheap IKEA countertop so it hasn't been purchased/installed yet.

There's still so much to do! The flooring, downstairs doors and millwork (and painting all the doors and millwork), painting the fireplaces, building mantles over the fireplaces, installing all the lights, installing appliances, building shelves for the open space next to the stairs, and counter tops for the laundry room and under the master bathroom window. We hope they'll be able to get it done by next Wednesday!

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  1. Lucy is so cute!! And I loooove sliding barn doors. Can't wait to see the finished pics.