Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week 5 progress

Technically, it's only week 4.5, but we'll just round it up to 5. In the last week and a half, all the walls have been drywalled and textured. Painting has started today! Here are the colors that we picked for the house, and we are crossing our fingers that it will look good:

All the paint colors are Benjamin Moore. They were originally going to spray the entire house one color, but we decided to add an accent wall to the living room and paint three of the bedrooms which costs us extra, but should be awesome. All the walls other than those mentioned will be painted Benjamin Moore Moonshine, which is a soft grey, and all the doors and trim will be painted Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. It's a soft white (why are there so many shades of white?) that our contractor recommended. Lucy's room will be Soft Pink (I really wanted a lavender room for her but she insisted on pink, so I tried to pick a very light pink that won't be too baby-ish down the road). Peyton's room will be Barely Teal, with the cubby hole painted Tropicana Cabana. The master bedroom and the living room accent wall (the wall with the fireplace) will be Galveston Gray.

I originally wanted the bathrooms to be different colors as well, but I want to wait until everything is installed and finished to see how it looks and then decide later on (and paint it ourselves).

Also during the last week and a half, they've tiled our bathroom floors and shower surrounds (kitchen backsplash will be done after cabinets are installed next week) and it looks really good, but since they were texturing the walls and ceilings in the bathrooms, they taped off all the tile so I couldn't get any good pictures.


A gas line has been routed over for our new gas range, and the vent hole for our hood has been installed. The old sliding doors have been replaced with nice french doors (with the blinds between the glass! so cool).


Nothing too different other than the walls looking ready for paint. You can see in the 2nd picture how the wall next to the stairwell has had two feet shaved off and looks so much better than the before pictures.


I couldn't really get any good pictures of our new tile, but you can get a peek of the hallway bathroom tile on the left. The right picture is the downstairs bathroom (the flooring downstairs will be vinyl so it's not installed yet).


Remember that wall at the bottom of the stairs? I never got a good "before" picture of it from this angle, but you can see how much more open the space looks without the wall from Day 5. You can also see our new storage shelving frame. We can later order a custom cabinet door if we find we don't like the open shelving.


It's ready for priming and painting!

They'll be painting for a few days, and then the hardwood floors will be installed, and cabinets soon after that. We are so excited!

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