Saturday, March 7, 2015

Week 5.5 Progress

The painting is almost complete! They still need to do another coat in areas and they need to touch up the edges. We are really loving the colors. The entire house is Benjamin Moore Moonshine which is a soft gray color that almost looks like light greenish blue in the different lighting. My picture taking skills really aren't the best so sorry that the color varies so much from picture to picture.


Our hardwood has been delivered and is currently acclimating to the house's humidity/temperature before being installed. Many of the areas in the kitchen will be covered with our cabinets and backsplash so there are areas left unpainted.


I tried getting a good picture of the living room's gray accent wall but the colors turned out weird, so this is probably the best representation of the color of that wall. The fireplace will be whitewashed and the the gold fireplace doors will be painted a gunmetal gray. We had originally planned on painting those black but that might be too stark of a difference between the black doors and the white fireplace, so gray will probably look better.


Here is our tile! The flooring tile is actually the same color as the shower surround but it's striped, and the shampoo niche is using the same tile as the floor (just smaller mosaic tiles). We love that the shampoo niche is hidden on the left hand side so looking into the bathroom you won't see messy shampoo bottles. I guess we'd probably have a shower curtain blocking it anyway.


Lucy's bedroom is such a nice soft pink. Our contractor was worried that it was TOO soft of a pink, but we think it's perfect. Peyton's room is really, really bright though. Hopefully that will be toned down once we have the white closet doors back on and the white base molding around the room.


The master bedroom is painted the same color as the fireplace accent wall in the living room and we love it.

The bathroom tile is actually the same as the other bathroom, but this is probably a more true representation of the color. The bathroom walls are the same color as the rest of the house but it just looks darker in that picture.


You can see the original color of the wall to the right of the electrical box (they haven't sprayed it yet).


I love that they were able to frame up the exposed dryer vent pipe so it's not a giant metal tube snaking up the wall. I originally really liked the color of the tile on the shower surround but now it looks a little off with the warm tones competing with the cooler gray tone of the walls. Maybe we'll paint that bathroom a different color down the road. Maybe just white?

They'll be delivering the cabinets on Wednesday, with installation on Thursday and Friday, and the countertop installation on Saturday. Our new appliances are set to be delivered on Friday, and our new lighting fixtures are all ready to be installed except for the entry way pendant which will arrive on Thursday.

We did run into some issues with the flooring downstairs, because we knocked down the wall between the laundry room and the hallway, the cement flooring has a bump where the wall used to be. Since we'll be installing vinyl flooring, we need the cement to be completely smooth or else you'll be able to feel the bump through the vinyl, so our contractor is going to get some self leveling cement to make the area smooth before our vinyl is installed.

Less than two weeks to go!

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