Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 7 Progress

The work on the house is a little bit behind (mostly delayed by cabinets and carpet), but since we were ahead of schedule, I guess it's just finishing up right on schedule, maybe a little ahead but not as much as we had hoped.

The counter tops are in, but we've had some issues going back and forth with the cabinet company, and they'll be coming out to fix some problems and to replace the master bathroom vanity top that we weren't happy with.


I took these pictures a few days ago when they had just started tiling the backsplash, but it should be completed by now.


The bathroom vanities both got their quartz tops, but since we went with the cheaper prefab tops (the ones that are already pre-cut to size and with sink holes), we really didn't like how the master bath's sinks were not lined up with the cabinets (they had to cut a hole out of the middle drawer separator piece to fit the sink in properly). The kids' bathroom prefab top got a crack in it while installing, and they couldn't find a new one for us, so they had to custom cut a slab for us and it looks so much better than the prefab.

(hallway bathroom on left, master bathroom on right)

You can kind of see how the sinks aren't aligned properly (and the sink bowls weren't installed well either, and the backsplash was a different color than the counter), so we are getting a new slab installed this weekend.


The vinyl was installed downstairs and it looks (and feels) really good. There's just too much construction dust right now to see it properly though. A corner of the bathroom had a little bit less dust, so you can *kind of* see what it looks like.

The lighting throughout the house is pretty much done but I haven't had a chance to get pictures yet. We love how all the fixtures look! They are painting the millwork and doors tomorrow, and finishing up electrical and plumbing this week. Final walkthrough is scheduled for Monday, we're crossing our fingers all will go smoothly!

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