Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week 6 Progress

Our final walk-through is supposed to be this week, but our cabinets were delayed, which will be pushing everything back a few days. Originally we weren't in too big of a hurry to finish on time, but now that we sold our current house (a lot sooner than expected! after only 4 days on the market), we are itching to be able to start moving things over to the new house.

Paint is finished and touched up, and hardwood has been installed in the dining room and kitchen. The hardwood will also be installed in the front entry, but they are doing that after the kitchen is done (they don't want to scratch it will all the traffic coming in and out.


Cabinets were delivered on Friday, and installation has started (in the pictures below they were only set in place), but are not complete yet. Our appliances and counter top get in on Monday.


Here is the gray accent wall!


We are installing wood-look vinyl downstairs in the hallway (entrance from garage), laundry room and bathroom, because we needed something that could be good for a high traffic area and that is water-friendly, but the cement subfloor was uneven so the floor guy spread self-leveling cement to even the floor out. Once that is fully dry (24 hours), our vinyl will be installed!


I haven't posted any outside pictures of the house, but it sits on a quarter acre lot, and most of the front yard is covered knee deep in English Ivy, and all the "grass" is basically moss. There were a lot of overgrown trees and ugly shrubs that were not taken care of in the last 13 years of being a rental property. Scott and I decided to save the money from hiring a landscaper to clean up the yard and do it ourselves. We may need to get a tree trimmer to trim some of the trees in the backyard that have branches overhanging the house because those are too high for us to do ourselves.

We've almost filled up a whole dumpster full of yard waste and we are not even close to being done yet. We haven't touched any of the ivy in the front yard, and there are still a ton of shrubs and juniper we want to get rid of, but we need to save room in the dumpster for construction garbage. All that cutting and pulling is really hard work!

The doors and millwork are currently being installed, and they should finish cabinet installation today or tomorrow, with countertops and appliances tomorrow. We are starting to see everything come together!

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